Value of Membership

Access to the IGUA Network

IGUA believes that in many cases the best way to solve or gain insite into an issue is to connect parties rather than confront them. This approach helps build goodwill, trust and helps to avoid costly litigation procedures. Joining IGUA will plug your firm into one of the most knowledgable and diverse networks of industrial firms in Central Canada. IGUA’s team of analysts and legal experts keep a close watch over the regultory landscape and will help craft solutions to your firm’s problems if they arise.​

Throughout the year IGUA creates opportunities to bring its members together and to put them in contact with natural gas market professionals. The highlight of IGUAs year is the annual Spring Seminar, an invitation only event, that brings members and industry professionals together for a candid discussion of the most pressing issues affecting natural gas markets and industrial users. The Spring Seminar also draws executives from the major utility companies in Ontario and Quebec allowing you and your firm the opportunity to share your views with the companies transporting and distributing your natural gas.

Strategic Policy Advocacy

On occaision policy issues arise that require IGUA to develop a position to protect the interests of its members. IGUA believes that a proactive approch that engages policy makers on impending government policy ensures a voice at the table when key decison are being finalized. The IGUA Team will discuss an issue internally to chart a course of action and then consult with members the most appropriate strategy to adopt. If the issue requires IGUA is willing to engage technical experts to ensure that we are maximing the benefits to our members. 


In 2015 IGUA identified climate change policy as an area of focus. Together with our members we have been working diligently to ensure that the interest of large industrial firms are communicated cleary to policy makers in Ontario and Quebec.

Access to Timely and Essential Information

Regulatory proceedings in three different jurisdictions, clearance of deferral accounts, cost allocation for infrastcuture improvements, new supply basins effecting gas prices, political developments effecting gas markets, how does one keep track of everything while concentrating on their day to day work? When you join IGUA you will receive access to Gassentials, our bi-weekly newsletter informed by our team of regulatory and legal consultants, that synthesizes these issues and presents them in an easy to understand matter, so you can focus on optimizing your natural gas purchases while leaving the nitty gritty details to the IGUA Team.

Targeted Training for Natural Gas Purchasers

IGUA knows that your organization is an industrial firm not a natural gas firm and that employees are sometimes unfamiliar with the intricacies of natural gas markets. Keeping the landed cost of gas low and supply disruptions to a minimum are integral to components to your firm’s bottom line. Through our Gas 101 and Gas 201 training courses, which are offered following our annual Spring Seminar, IGUA will help individuals within your organization develop the skills and knowledge to optimize your firm’s natural gas purchasing strategy.


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