Why Join IGUA?

Your Company’s membership in IGUA provides IGUA with an even stronger voice to represent industrial gas user interests. While IGUA’s activities benefit all industrials, increased membership improves the effectiveness and credibility of our initiatives. Your membership also allows your Company to contribute to and influence the positions IGUA takes.

IGUA Family

Join the leader in the natural gas industry that represents companies across Ontario and Quebec and gain access to direct representation and an exclusive network of gas industry professionals.


IGUA specializes in being a facilitator for the natural gas industry when you need someone who understands energy and is an expert in the field, and seeks to protect the interests of its members. IGUA is a key player in ubnderstanding factors influencing gas delivey rates.


IGUA continues to provide a voice for its members by ensuring that their concerns are heard by regulators and key policy makers within the industry. 


IGUA keeps members informed of energy and gas industry information resulting from regulatory hearings as well as providing support for members’ through representation at both levels of government.


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