Benefits of Membership

Real Cost Savings

IGUA’s continuing efforts in both the regulatory area and in working to influence government programs and policy deliver real results. We generate significant savings in the landed cost of natural gas for our members on an ongoing basis.

Gives You a Voice in Regulatory Proceedings that Set Natural gas rates

IGUA is the sole voice advocating the interest of large gas consumers at the Régie, OEB, and CER among a sea of 10-30 other intervenors representing environmental, residential, commercial, and institutional interests. IGUA membership leverages the money your company spends with those of other large users in addressing issues of concern to you.

Additionally, the regulatory ‘Cost Awards’ that are not available to private companies, reduce the cost of IGUA’s intervention work. IGUA’s cost-effective regulatory intervention regulators would set rates without consideration for the impact on large users.

Enhances Your Policy Influence

Membership in IGUA increases your ability to influence and tailor government programs and climate and environmental regulations. Policy makers are more receptive to membership amplifies and enhances your advocacy efforts.

Provides You Timely Information for a Successful Procurement Strategy

IGUA keeps its members informed of all upcoming regulatory and policy changes that could impact the landed cost of gas. IGUA’s bi-weekly updates provide you with an estimated monetary impact of changes that are/will be implemented so that you can determine the actual savings or potential cost increase to your business.

IGUA’s staff is always available to discuss this information with you to ensure you have a full understanding of what’s happening in the regulatory environment right now.

Free Access to Seminar and Webinars

The annual seminar, held in the spring and free to members, is something to look out for. It explores key developments that impact many aspects of the energy industry - natural gas supply, infrastructure, and markets. It also provides members a forum for dialogue with utility executives, energy marketers, regulators, and policymakers.

Participation is by invitation only, and the program is tailored to the needs of large natural gas consumers. Member-only webinars explore a single topic of interest to members. Members choose the topic, and experts deliver the content.

Information and training

IGUA monitors, distils and informs its members on relevant regulatory developments and policies that impact the landed cost of natural gas. Twice a month, IGUA's Gassentials newsletter provides timely information on regulatory procedures and political activities enabling members to anticipate changes and make informed decisions.

IGUA offers a series of personalized training programs on the intricacies of natural gas industry regulation, regulatory procedures and business aspects. Gas 101 provides information on fundamental natural gas markets. Gas 201 deepens market dynamics and offers basic payoff information for large gas purchases and risk management tools. TransCanada's Mainline Soup to Nuts provides an understanding of the dynamic nature of the Mainline, the interaction with upstream and downstream systems, and the potential for reliability and pricing.


IGUA represents a wide range of members, operating in different industry sectors with a diversity of business environments and geographic regions. Seminar, member events and board meetings provide an opportunity to share information and experiences among members that can be useful in running your business. IGUA maintains strong working relationships with a number of business entities that relate to valuable services to the natural gas industry and industrial gas users. IGUA can be a channel to connect you with the people you need.

Industrial Gas Users Association | l’Association Des Consommateurs Industriels De Gaz

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Industrial Gas Users Association | l’Association Des Consommateurs Industriels De Gaz

“IGUA’s good work on securing early clearance of TC energy’s deferral account has reduced my landed gas cost significantly in 2019 and 2020. This initiative alone has saved me roughly three times my annual membership fees every month for 24 months.”

- Jeff Pagnutti, Energy Management Lead, Vale