IGUA acts as the sole voice for industrial gas users at regulatory boards in Ontario and Quebec as well as at the National Energy Board.


IGUA has a credible team of lawyers and experts who intervene in the respective hearings, defending the interests of industrial natural gas users. IGUA is well respected in the entire regulatory community and by the boards

Networking & Support

When you have a question or need help, our knowledgeable network of industry peers and access to gas industry professionals provide assistance to all members through the IGUA office.


IGUA understands that the natural gas industry isn’t your core business, but is an essential part of your business. IGUA takes into consideration the best outcome for all members when intervening in regulatory hearings or discussing policy with governments.

Energy Education

Throughout the year a variety of meetings and conference calls are scheduled in addition to newsletters and events to further the education of our members and their companies. These correspondences and our bi-weekly newsletter allow for deeper insight into natural gas which in turn allows you to make informed decisions in terms of your natural gas purchasing.


Industrial Gas Users Association

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