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Who We Are

The Industrial Gas Users Association, (IGUA) has become the recognized voice representing industrial firms who use natural gas in Ontario and Quebec. IGUA’s team of experts has experince at the provincial and national levels and works diligently to ensure that your interests are safeguarded and no undue costs are allocated to your tolls.


IGUA’s team of experts utilizes an array of avenues to ensure that industrial interests are represented. Whether it be through regultaory intervention, government advocacy or by creating networking opportunities, IGUA makes sure its members concerns are communicated clearly and effectively. 

How We Are Organized

The Association’s activities are guided by a Board of Directors, constituted to ensure that each industrial sector and geographic region is represented. The Board of Directors has regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year. A full time President and other staff are based in Ottawa.


IGUA is supported by a team of consultants in the legal and regulatory analysis professions who are based in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal so our members can be assured that we are actively participating at the National Energy Board, Ontario Energy Board and the Régie de l'énergie. 

What We Do

Our goal at IGUA is to advocate for a reliable, cost effective supply of natural gas to its members in Ontario and Quebec. In pursuing this goal IGUA’s team of experts monitors the regulatory landscape at the provincial, federal and continental levels while keeping a close watch over changing supply and infrastructure trends. IGUA regularly meets with federal, provincial governments and utility company executives and continues to seek new avenues to ensure that the industrial user voice is heard when decisions affecting natural gas markets are made.

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